Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Future of Traykon

I've taken some time off from gaming and from working on the site.  During this time I've been considering the future of Traykon and my continued use of the site.  There is a certain financial commitment to keeping it online that had to be considered.  There is also the fact that I have not played a game in a long time.  My wife and I discussed it and finally came to a conclusion.

I am going to keep Traykon.com going.  The Traykon Campaign World will continue to be posted, grown, and updated.  I will move away from specific gaming systems and won't be moving to 5th Edition.  For simplicity, my data will stay formatted for the Pathfinder RPG since conversion to 3rd, 3.5e, and 5th edition are all pretty easy.  There are also a lot of other systems out there which can use some of my information directly or with a little conversion. 

By keeping it up I'm also going to take the time to condense my Oblivion Webgroup and dispose of anything that is no longer relevant or desired.  That which I keep will be modified and hosted at Traykon.com in a dedicated sub-directory.  This will take a fairly major restructuring to complete but since I will be working with multiple sites with varied contents I should be able to keep a steady stream of updates going somewhere without getting burnt out. 

I hope to not disappoint anyone but some data will be purged from my Campaign site.  Basic system data will be trimmed or purged completely unless it is necessary for the underpinning of Campaign data.  For instance, the Inquisitor class will be listed because it was the base for the converted Magehunter class.  A more centralized and mobile friendly menu system has been created and will go online as soon as I update the code on all necessary pages.

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